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See More Patients with Tia

Opting in to Tia Health allows clinic operators and physicians with availability in their day to increase patient volumes on demand.

Tia Health offers a unique service to OSCAR Pro users which allows clinic operators physicians to schedule virtual walk-in appointments during otherwise unscheduled time in your calendar.

Getting started is quick and easy:

  1. Tia’s team of Medical Office Assistants, Clinic Manager and Support Team will work with clinic operators and physicians to define a schedule and your appointment type preferences.
  2. Tia Health will sync with your OSCAR calendar in real time and schedule virtual walk-in appointments when you are not otherwise booked.
  3. New virtual appointments will appear in your OSCAR calendar and can be initiated directly from within the EMR.
  4. Physicians will earn 70% of billings and clinics will earn 15% for otherwise unscheduled time!

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EMR Integrated App



EMR Integration





Allied Healthcare, Primary Care, Specialist Care



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Privacy & Data Details

The app developer has provided the following information regarding its privacy and security practices, including any PHI in the EMR accessed or updated by the app.

EMR Data Accessed by Tia Health

Appointments, Patient Demographics, Provider Demographics, Schedule

EMR Data Updated by Tia Health

Appointments, Observations, Patient Demographics

Privacy Impact Assessment

Last completed:

October, 2021

Threat Risk Assessment

Not Available

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