Integrated Voice Recognition for Healthcare

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Integrated Voice Recognition for Healthcare

Command and control Oscar Pro with the power of voice. Streamline the documentation process by introducing voice technology into your workflow.

C-Speech is an innovative, efficient, bilingual, speech recognition application featuring a simple user interface and powerful recognition engine. This lightweight app allows voice to be instantly converted to text directly into the desired fields of the Oscar Pro EMR, as well as various other applications. Designed specifically to recognize complex medical terminology, the C-Speech platform delivers accurate results while allowing the author to easily navigate and control the intended application using vocal commands with no need for training. Completely speaker independent, the user can quickly produce time sensitive reports, complete with formatting, without touching a key or clicking on a mouse. C-Speech even provides customizable autocommand and autotext functionality, allowing users to automate frequently used functions and to create shortcuts for repeatedly spoken words or paragraphs, improving productivity. Available in both English and French at no extra cost, C-Speech offers an affordable and secure alternative to traditional reporting.

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EMR Integrated App



EMR Integration





Allied Healthcare, Primary Care, Specialist Care



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November, 2021

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