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Managed Cybersecurity Services

WELL Health recognizes that cybersecurity is somewhat foreign to most clinicians. Our Managed Service offering has been designed to provide clinics with the fundamental tools needed to protect their business against disruptive and expensive attacks.

SecureSolutionsNow provides a cost-effective solution which will arm your clinic with enterprise quality, next generation cybersecurity products.

The Core Solution offered by SecureSolutionsNow not only demonstrates HIPAA compliance but also positions your clinic to be eligible for cybersecurity insurance by offering the following services:

  • Email Protection: People are the primary target in all phishing campaigns and 90% of all attacks originate via email.  By teaching cybersecurity fundamentals, you empower employees to protect your practice.  Our solution includes online, modular Employee Awareness Training.
  • Endpoint Protection: Traditional anti-virus products are no longer affective against today’s advanced attacks.  SecureSolutionsNow couples artificial intelligence with a team of experts to identify unusual behavior and protect your systems from known and new attack campaigns.
  • Data Backup: Data backups place your practice in a position to minimize downtime and avoid paying costly ransomware demands in the event of a cyber attack.

In addition to its Core Solution, SecureSolutionsNow offers the following additional services:

  • Firewall & Remote Access: While most firewalls provide filters to ensure that employees are using the internet for business purposes, the next generation of devices provides more granular controls.  Our solution provides firewall oversight, patching, and embedded secure remote access.
  • Secure Office Wi-Fi: In a world of always being connected, patients expect that Wi-Fi will be available to them.  However, a poorly designed Wi-Fi network allows for easy access to company information and PHI.  Our solution provides enterprise products that are configured with security in mind.
  • In addition to our key cybersecurity managed services, we provide several other services to improve your overall cybersecurity posture including risk assessments, asset management, vulnerability assessments and cybersecurity policy creation.

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