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Engage your patients with the YourCare patient portal.

The YourCare patient portal is a web application that facilitates integration with Apple Health, making it easier than ever to unlock your EMR and empower patients to take control of their health.

YourCare is an online tool that provides patients access to their health information through Apple Health, empowering your patients to take a more active role in managing their health.

Clinics using YourCare can easily invite their patients to create a YourCare account directly from within OSCAR. Once patients have a YourCare account, they can subsequently use it to register for Apple Health.

Through YourCare’s integration with Apple Health, your patient’s can access important categories from their health record including allergies, immunizations, medications, vitals, conditions (coming soon) and lab results (coming soon), which are displayed alongside their heart rate, nutrition and other health data consolidated from their iPhone and Apple Watch. By providing your patients with a unified view of their health, it can help them better understand their overall health and enable them to improve their health outcomes.

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EMR Integrated App



EMR Integration





Allied Healthcare, Primary Care, Specialist Care



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The app developer has provided the following information regarding its privacy and security practices, including any PHI in the EMR accessed or updated by the app.

EMR Data Accessed by YourCare

Patient Demographics, Provider Demographics

EMR Data Updated by YourCare

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Last completed:

October, 2021

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