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In recent years, EMRs have risen to become the norm in Canada. Previously, paper-based records had ruled the roost, but physicians and medical staff have seen and understood the benefits of going digital with their EMR.  

EMRs have also, to varying degrees, kept evolving to meet the demands of healthcare professionals. Recently, third-party applications have grown in popularity, helping to solve different problems for physicians and medical staff. For example, where an EMR helps manage and store patient health information, a third-party app may look to save a clinic time integrating an online booking app back to a clinic’s EMR.  

However, as the number of third-party apps has grown, EMR users face a dilemma. 

How do I know which apps integrate with my EMR? And how do I know which apps are worth my time and which are secure?” 

Well,  apps.healthaims to answer these questions for you!  

Apps.Health: Canada’s Digital Health Marketplace  

The number of apps that integrate with EMRs has grown significantly, with more emerging all the time. As a result, this presents a few hurdles to clinicians and staff looking to benefit.  

Primarily, without a central resource for understanding all these apps, the process of finding and reviewing apps is time-consuming. The process could also be fraught with pitfalls. Taking the plunge and integrating a third-party app could risk personal health information, so it’s vital you know which apps you can trust. 

The newly launched is that central resource for OSCAR Pro and Intrahealth Profile users, showcasing which apps are high-quality and secure EMR integrations.  

Our team reviews the clinical value and privacy & security practices of all app partners, ensuring every app featured on the marketplace is of the highest standard. This takes the guesswork out of your research. 

Another reason to use the marketplace is that digital health is evolving quickly, with new apps and technology constantly emerging. To truly benefit from the latest innovations, you should integrate the best third-party apps with your EMR, rather than waiting for your EMR to catch up!

WELL EMR Group customers benefit from an open app ecosystem. You will be able to benefit instantly from the latest apps and innovations by adding these apps to your EMR.  

This way, you can improve patient outcomes and clinic workflows now rather than waiting the months or years necessary for your EMR to implement similar innovations. 

And as more and more EMR integrations emerge, the marketplace is the perfect place to research and shop for high-quality and secure solutions that will benefit your clinic and patients.  

Why should physicians use EMR integrations? 

The truth is, we are only just scratching the surface of how third-party apps can benefit physicians and clinic staff. While the number of apps available is increasing, many clinics, especially in primary care settings, are not using them.  

The question is, why aren’t all physicians and staff not taking advantage? Well, one reason may be that many physicians and clinic staff don’t know how powerful these apps can be!  

Adding third-party party apps and services to your EMR empowers you to:  

  • Extend your EMR’s functionality  
  • Integrate your clinical data seamlessly 
  • Digitize and automate clinical workflows 
  • Improve patient, physician, and staff experiences 
  • Transform your clinic efficiency  

Together, add-ons and your EMR can help you focus more on doing your job and spend less filling out forms and on the phone. Currently, offers over 30 apps available to OSCAR Pro customers and several available on Profile, with more applications added regularly.  

These apps streamline all aspects of running your clinic, from billing, telehealth and online booking to labs, workflow automation and secure messaging. 

Integrate your EMR with leading app providers, including: 

Apps.Health also features Non-EMR services. These services don’t integrate directly with your EMR, but they address the needs of Canadian clinics. 

Whether you are looking for help with medical billing management with DoctorCare or looking for cybersecurity services with SecureSolutionsNow, you can find the services you need on 

Clinics can benefit from using to select apps and services, as our partners can offer special rates to WELL EMR Group customers through the marketplace. 

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