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Empower your patients with Health Records on iPhone

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Empower your patients with Health Records on iPhone

The Health app on iPhone makes it easy for your patients to access and visualize their health records via the YourCare patient portal. Patients’ health history is now at their fingertips and they can connect to participating hospitals and clinics directly from the Apple Health app and be notified when new records are ready to view.

By registering for Apple Health, your patients will experience the following:

Simple Setup: Patients can find your clinic directly in the health app and can use their YourCare credentials to authenticate their identity.

Chronological View of Health Data: Important categories of patient health (allergies, medications, immunizations, etc.) are visualized in chronological order and aggregated across participating healthcare institutions.

Category-Specific Details: Patients receive details relevant to each data category available, such as:

  • Prescriber name and dosage instructions for medications
  • Severity of allergic reactions
  • Reference ranges for vitals
  • Reason for immunizations
  • Reference ranges for lab results and vitals (coming soon)
  • Status and severity of conditions (coming soon)

Aggregate Health Records: The Health app also shows activity, heart rate, nutrition, and other health data consolidated from iPhone, Apple Watch, and third-party apps.

Up to Date Data: When new records are available from connected healthcare institutions, they automatically show up in the Health app and patients can receive notifications.

Secure Data: Health record data is encrypted and protected with a passcode on iPhone.

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EMR Integrated App



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Allied Healthcare, Primary Care, Specialist Care


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Apple Health is currently in pilot and will be available to EMR customers in Spring, 2022. If you are interested in pre-registering for Apple Health, click on the Get Started button on the Apple Health profile.

Privacy & Data Details

The app developer has provided the following information regarding its privacy and security practices, including any PHI in the EMR accessed or updated by the app.

EMR Data Accessed by Apple Health

Allergies, Immunizations, Medications

EMR Data Updated by Apple Health

Privacy Impact Assessment

Not Available

Threat Risk Assessment

Not Available

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