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Assisting primary care physicians in their quality improvement efforts.

About Health Data Coalition

HDC Discover is a web based application that assists primary care physicians in their quality improvement efforts.

Physicians can collaborate with their colleagues, see aggregate trends in their community, and track their improvements over time, all within a secure environment that places physician and patient confidentiality first.

HDC Discover can assist you in assessing your own practice in areas such as chronic disease management or medication prescribing. Using insights from your data results in a professionally satisfying practice and leads to improved patient outcomes.

Use HDC Discover to:

  • Better understand your own patient population and patterns of practice on its own or as it compares to your clinic and larger community.
  • Explore data-informed learning based on your interests in a safe, secure environment that maintains confidentiality for you and your patients.
  • Share and track progress with colleagues, if you choose to.
  • Inform valuable discussions with your practice coaching team in partnership with the Practice Support Program, as well as the peer mentoring program.
  • Implement practice improvements and provide data-informed care to your patients.
  • Track improvements in patient care over time with HDC’s automatic data transfer and reporting features.

As a physician-led organization, privacy is central to HDC’s trusted health provider network. One top priority is preserving the trust of the physicians and other healthcare providers who choose to share their data with the HDC network. Use of HDC Discover is offered at no cost, thanks to the sponsorship of the General Practice Services Committee (GPSC).

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The app developer has provided the following information regarding its privacy and security practices, including any PHI in the EMR accessed or updated by the app.

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July, 2021

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December, 2020

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