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Patient Engagement Platform

Cortico provides a comprehensive suite of patient engagement tools including telehealth, online booking, SMS/email reminders, e-Referral, e-Prescription, private payments, work automations, Patient Kiosk, and much more!

What sets Cortico apart from other tools, is our user engagement level which often approaches 100% of patients at a practice. Cortico saves hours of doctor and staff time
by avoiding data entry, phone duty or repetitive tasks that should be automated. For specialists, Cortico allows direct referrals between EMRs without the need to perform data entry from a Fax.

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EMR Integrated App



EMR Integration





Primary Care, Specialist Care



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Privacy & Data Details

The app developer has provided the following information regarding its privacy and security practices, including any PHI in the EMR accessed or updated by the app.

EMR Data Accessed by Cortico

Appointments, Custom Integration, Documents, Patient Demographics

EMR Data Updated by Cortico

Appointments, Custom Integration, Documents, Patient Demographics

Privacy Impact Assessment

Last completed:

August, 2021

Threat Risk Assessment

Last completed:

August, 2021

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