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AI-enabled Clinical Intelligence Platform

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AI-enabled Clinical Intelligence Platform

The Khure Health AI-enabled Clinical Intelligence platform supports physicians in caring for rare and specialty disease patients.

With over 7000 identified rare diseases, it’s next to impossible for physicians to know them all. The Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders estimates that 1 in 12 Canadians has a rare disease. Therefore, every physician has many rare disease patients whether they know it or not. This is where advanced technology like Khure Health’s Clinical Intelligence Platform can help.

Improve complex patient care by leveraging the power of AI and the vast amount of data in your EMR. Khure’s platform currently screens your EMR for over 50 rare and specialty pathologies using Artificial Intelligence (Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning). Instantly identify patients potentially at risk of rare diseases, review comprehensive pathology-specific educational material, and receive individual support from Khure’s team of Clinical Specialists on the potential next steps in optimizing patient care pathways based on clinical guidelines.

For Challenging Patients: Instantly screen individual complex patients against all the available pathology-specific AI algorithms to potentially assist in the diagnosis of challenging patient presentations.

The Khure Health AI-enabled platform also offers custom clinical research services and offers physicians the ability to participate in accelerated clinical trial patient recruitment and enrollment utilizing advanced AI within their practice.

What’s next? Khure Health’s team plans to add another 50 rare and specialty pathologies to the platform, reaching 100 rare pathologies by Q1, 2022. Making Khure Health’s rare disease platform the most advanced AI-enabled Clinical Intelligence platform available today.

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